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Abrasion of impeller and prevention measures


The abrasion of fan impeller is related to the composition, particle size, concentration, shape, impact velocity, impact angle, chemical composition, property, temperature and humidity of the fan impeller. The uneven flow of gas inside the impeller accelerates wear. As to prevent the impeller wear measures: one is to reduce dust and corrosive gas into the fan, so must automobile pump impeller for the transformation of the fan operation system; two is to make local wear uniform wear, it needs to improve the wear resistance of the impeller. If the abrasion resistance of the impeller is improved, the material with high hardness and good wear resistance can be adopted. This will not only make the impeller manufacturing process difficult, but also from an economic point of view is not reasonable. Therefore, to improve the surface quality of fan impeller, it is an economical and reasonable solution for surfacing or spray welding (spraying) wear-resisting layer, and adding a layer of lining board on the blade in order to reach abrasion resistance.

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