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The company pursues the sustainable management of enterprises, takes into account the human dignity, and is symbiotic with the interested parties, and sets the following operating principles:


1.People oriented

  Good team is our most important asset. All along, we sincerely hope that more people join deshipu, we will provide employees with good salary and welfare and comfortable working environment and the development of their career opportunities to realize their lofty ideals and high aspirations, to help them succeed, at the same time to have fun at work. Being a member of us, we can build our own career in a promising industry.


2.Customer satisfaction

A highly loyal customer base is a key factor in our business success. We implement a comprehensive quality assurance system to produce quality products to meet customer needs. We regard customer complaints as the first priority. It is these customers who have made our business a success today. Their hopes and demands are our enterprise's Guide to action. We strive to provide them with the highest quality, best service and support. We welcome customers to make comments and suggestions to us. We take the initiative to dialogue with customers, so that we can constantly improve our values.


3.Team spirit

  Our organization is flexible and there is no hierarchy to ensure that projects can be completed quickly. We depend on each other to achieve our goal. We cherish the openness, transparency and loyalty between us and between our third partners. Provide necessary assistance to all employees within the company, provide a fair and reasonable working environment, train professional skills and help employees grow.


4.Refine on

Companies engaged in rare earth industry, science and technology change with each passing day, and must continue to research and development, in order to ensure competitive advantage. We are committed to research and development, we are committed to constantly improve and improve our values and customer service standards, we want to create investment returns for shareholders. We are well aware that superior growth rates and financial conditions are not only our goals, they are also the foundation of a healthy enterprise and the way to achieve our core values.


五.Sound financial

The sound financial structure is the foundation of enterprise sustainable management. Only by strengthening the basic work of financial accounting, establishing a sound internal control system, strengthening the supervision of assets and finance, can enterprises flourish.


6.Shareholder equity

The company guarantees shareholder rights, respect for shareholder recommendations, and regularly issues information to shareholders in accordance with the law. We work hard and work together to create a company's profits and make a reasonable return on our shareholders' investments.


7.Fair competition

The company uphold the principle of fair economic competition, competition with the industry, based on fairness, to ensure efficiency.