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My dear fellows:

     We are born to create value for today, we are fortunate to live in this great era of drastic changes, the speed of development even we are often surprised, we only measure the meaning of life is to have a group of people that we have what different and not exactly! What if there is no difference, or even do not have the positive significance of the present, that we not perfunctory and health, and this will undoubtedly be considered a great shame for all of us, we can not love, because this is our group personality insult, our life has been burning passion, passion, together with our strong strength after the rendezvous, surging us great wisdom, our eyes in the jet out of the weapon is sufficient to penetrate any obstacles, obstacles like SG, high and far......


    We do not deny that we are faced with the difficulties we have never had before, a very severe test. The external environment and we are in a special stage during the transition period after the encounter, we give out a series of difficult questions, but we know this and to deal with difficult, improper or even will be swallowed up and buried, but we have to be considered as this is the heaven for all will be big things and people temper, sages have been foreseen and tips, this is our exercise of iron will temper, reason and wisdom, make firm action must be strong but very rare self-improvement opportunities. Because only these indispensable elements to cast, as we will be committed to the pursuit of the goal of the auxiliary eventually leading to the road!


    Friends, to embrace the fiery yearning, we will cherish every minute of every day, even if it is a waste of time slightly, as the respect for life and crime, we will take every minute in our advance to clear the direction of abnormal journey into the horn, never stop. And the passionate. Our development depending on the user for our greatest happiness, therefore, we fully listen to the views of users in the most common serious concern is the most wonderful, perfect every detail, and continuously, never relax, at the same time, amazing wisdom we condensed constantly in the exploration and mining of everything for the benefit of the user innovation move, we regarded as sacred, we can not shirk responsibility!


    Of course, we also know that we are in this particular period, even in the long future, we will have this or that problem, and even torture against us, but it is not perfect, and we are committed to the pursuit of the perfect firm that makes us continue to feel a stage target improvement in the process realize, bring us happy, even though we know that, but it is also a perfect world without end, so, just let us conquer spirit will never die out, can enjoy the joy of success even in a small stage are coming, that have been and scurrying into a new journey... .


    Learning, has a very important to us, he is like gods and fairy to help us a little lost and ignorance, to accumulate knowledge and skills, she is dew, without her, we are the grass will wither and disappear; she is the art, cultivate our minds and sentiments. The angel is happy, let us feel the joy of harvest from time to time; she is the boundless supernatural power of the gods, will help us overcome numerous difficulties and dangers, but also can propel us into a flying steady and lasting road. To this end, we will seize every opportunity to learn knowledge, at work, in life, in a friend, in the books, in the network, in every moment, will be learning as like air indispensable essential, because we pledged to create value!


   We will also make behavior a microcosm of our wordless but full of power, for we know that without action, nothing will come to an end, and everything will be false and meaningless. Action, clear direction, everything in good order and well arranged composition, such as fast speed as the vast Lun things that vanishes in a flash, the composition of our actions on the results of each theme, we will use digital paper carefully to make her sonorous and forceful, commitment, talk, earnest, fast! It is our individuality, for we will be the makers of value!

   If one day does not create value, a moment does not benefit the people around us, our organization, our society, then this moment, we are walking corpses, living and dying is no different. So, we will always remember, with all our efforts, to create value in every moment of life, and finally achieve our great dream!